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Formula 1 vereint beste Zutaten, pures Geschmackserlebnis und intelligente Ernährung in nur einem Shake.
Mit einer perfekten Mischung aus hochwertigem Protein, Ballaststoffen, Vitaminen und Mineralstoffen musst du nicht mehr zwischen ausgewogenen Mahlzeiten und Komfort wählen - Formula 1-Shake ist schnell und einfach zubereitet! 



Business Consulting

To prevail in today's market, companies with increasing complexity, can deal with inconsistencies and constant change, optimize business processes and enable collaboration between all business functions and foster leadership skills and talents must.

In all areas of a company today, information technology plays a crucial role, both in the corporate management, as well as in the handling of business processes.

Financial Consulting

Whether business or individual, the right investment in companies and plants is more difficult than ever, especially because the interest rate is low and no return can be achieved with the so-called safe investments.

I offer a range of investment options according to your budget. Especially MyPensionPlanWorks is very interesting for small investors. Contact me without obligation. A personal interview is naturally free and without obligation.

SAP Consulting

As a very experienced SAP consultant I offer comprehensive services, from strategy, assessment, through project management, implementation, go live to the training and supervision of staff

Planning, project management
process design
Implementation / Custimizing / SAP HANA
Data Transfer
test management
Go Live Support
Training and Support

Other consulting areas are the design and development of the World Soft Business Suite, Worldsoft CMS Website and IT Support

Worldsoft WBS / CMS Consulting

As a certified Worldsoft Business Suite Consultant I create for you an offer tailored to your needs Worldsoft System (Website, CRM marketing, WBS Worldsoft Business Suite).

Contact me without obligation for more information.

Gratis CRM

FREE CRM for all Websites!

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Why Coaching?

Because many well-intentioned advice from discussions and readings only appeal to your physical level and at best, your mind, your mental level.
So what do you do if you, for example, want to lose weight? Try at these levels to solve the physical and the spiritual, your problem
They buy books on running and running once they buy nutrition experts diet instructions ............ only to find that even contradict these many statements ...... .You have to look long enough, until at last the excuse have for your body, but rather nothing to do before you do the wrong thing.

Insofar Albert Einstein is right when he says: A problem can not be solved at the same level at which it is incurred.

But why they overeat,
why they do not get enough,
why you can not free himself in a job,
why you always fall in the same partner,
why you are getting sick,
why they have so little self-confidence,
why do not they hold through on their path to success?
As they come to these mega level, this powerful unconscious that controls everything?
And ... you want not only to coach successfully, but even other?

"Yes, how am I to another coach, I have even more one way or another difficulty, I need even more a lot of help!"
"Yes, to me missing determines a lot of expertise that I can not yet"

What's Supra coaching and how you benefit from it?

"Supra" comes from Latin and means, inter alia, "Furthermore". We all know Supra-conductors that are particularly fast. Exactly this is what SUPRA Coaching: FAST and EFFICIENT help and troubleshooting!

The SUPRA coaching goes far beyond a normal coaching, because it goes to the causes of our behavior and change this.

A normal counseling gives you always a statement that you should do something.
A good coaching will show you how you can do something!

The newly developed Supra coaching answered the question of why they do something and show you how you can change these causes of your actions so and optimize, which can be reached much more effortless and elegant your goals.

Coaching means accompaniment. Unlike as in a consulting contract, where a consultation with the customer takes place with the aim of a solution, is accompanied by a certain amount of time coaching the customer. This allows them to dig deeper into the matter jointly to develop targets and solutions, as well as to accompany the customer on the way to goal.

Supra Coaching is a methodology that is aimed at all age groups. Teen who need support for training, work, society and Altag, people who are firmly rooted in work and family, yet their vision, your dreams, have not yet reached your goal to 50+, the orientate itself again want and might now want to realize her dream.

Coaching jobs are therefore also usually over a longer period and require greater cooperation.

Contact me without obligation for an initial interview.

Feng Shui

Feng Shui

Human destiny is determined by the three levels

Sky, mensché and earth.

Plane sky - fate
We have no influence, can also be called fate.

Level human - Coaching & Consulting plane
Includes thought, consciousness, the actions, the karma, the will of the people.

Support here has my coaching and consulting.

Level Earth - Feng Shui Level
Is the place where we live, the climate, the scenery, places, houses.
Support here has my feng shui consultation.

If the levels resins Heaven and Man, a powerful support can be provided on the level ground with Feng Shui.

It may also be that at the level of man all goes round and yet it be sluggish in certain places. This is an indication that at the level ground with good Feng Shui, an improvement can be achieved.

The right of man to life is synonymous with his right to free and unrestricted use of all the material things that are necessary for its complete mental, spiritual and physical development - in other words, his right to wealth

Wallace D. Wattles

The Science of Getting Rich

Feng Shui means wind and water
Where acts Feng Shui and where Feng Shui is used

The fate of the people includes 3 components
1. Sky: no influence, Time
2. People: action, Karma, will, consciousness
3. Earth: space, place where we live, form of things, climate, landscape

Feng Shui influences the earth component. Feng Shui can therefore affect 1/3. Thus, if 1 (sky) and 2 (Human) resins, can with Feng Shui soil be harmonized and thus the man be strongly supported.
Feng Shui involves among other things:
• Use the environment
• Atmospheric effects of places to people
• harmony with natural surroundings
• art of construction and interior design
• Positive, harmonious energies cultivate for people
• harmony for residents in the house
• Dealing with personal needs

The invisible form of energy that exists everywhere. Feng Shui categorizes Qi quality and uses the positive Qi energy molds.

Yin Yang
Yin and Yang represents the dual nature of the universe. Yin is feminine, Yang is masculine. The aim is to bring yin and yang in harmony.

Kreuter Buch

Du kannst dir zur Zeit noch das brandneue Buch Digitale Dominanz kostenfrei als Geschenk sichern.

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